Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This Bad Art You Speak Of

We'll start with my first, called "A Lady and Her Knight." I drew this last year when I hadn't attempted anything close to art since the macaroni necklace I made Mom in Kindergarten.

I drew the horse based on a carousel piece, and modeled the female figure after an illustration for a Fantasy novel. The knight I did with no inspiration whatsoever. Hence, the lack of form.

I wonder what art means to you. Is it your soul purpose in life, or a means to a wealthy end? Some of our greatest works of art come from people looking to make a buck. Then there are those uber-artists who feel the art itself is tainted by the needy spirit of its maker. Perhaps you just picked it up to pass the time - a little Superman sketch here, a little characature doodle there.

Art is yet another way for me to find words for the page. It's very often an extra outlet when I don't have the time to flesh out a story. A sketch takes less time and it helps get the pesky pieces of random plot out of the ponder box.

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