Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Drain Pipe Method

I hate writing. I type and type, ink my pen to death, and I'm still not satisfied. I feel like a drain pipe in Seattle. My creative juices have been dumped into an entire Puget Sound of works, but the rain keeps on a comin'. This means that I've got a whole lot going on at once and have to treat my schedule like a battle plan in order to get it all done, and done well.

I'm listening to Beck's Farewell Ride at the moment. And no, I'm not angsting. I frequently change my playlist to include an increasingly varied pallet of music, in hopes that it will keep my writing fresh. I mean, if I'm going to obsessively pour this out on willing eyes, I might as well try to produce something new.

"So there you have it: a letter opener." - MST3K.
That's why I have a blog, a fan fiction site, and a myspace page. I need to share. I'm currently working on three fanfic serials. The first is a Star Trek piece encompassing each of the five series. The second is the one that flows most easily from my brain - Makers of Roads - a spin-off ish serial about a group of Ancients during the last days of their Milky Way empire. Last but not forgotten is a sequel of Kurt Wimmer's Equilibrium. My apologies to Mr. Wimmer.

I also write poetry (not fanfic poetry) compulsively. I'll post a little bit of that here along with some snippets of my short stories and serials. It is also my pleasure to do a weekly Sci-Fi news blog on NoHiatus (the blog) every Saturday.

Happy R&W


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