Thursday, October 9, 2008

Immortals and Immortals that Bite

Two things: What I did while I was away and what I found when I got back.

Last things first. I opened up my new Internet connection on my new computer today and found the most exciting rumor. Highlander is back? According to, SCIFI Wire, and, that is a distinct possibility. Yippee? I don't know. While the mention of Highlander is enough to make this long time fan drool on my mouse, this has the potential to be extra stinky with a side of Rotten Tomatoes.

Hey, and actor Kevin McKidd is possibly attached to the project. As an actual Scotsman, he has the potential to bring some real life into the character (Is it Connor or Duncan?). The writers of the recent box office hit, Ironman (you've heard of it, right?) are reportedly doing the writing for this shindig. Here's hoping all of the evil rumors about Hollway and Marcum are just that.

Well, what did I do while I was lost and alone in no Internet land? They're called books - amazing, huh? Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, the Star Wars Young Jedi series, a little Ben Bova, and -the breakout hit of my blackout days - The Twilight series! I know. I'm a tad behind. Eight books, eight days, and two read-throughs. It was a real party and I am now a really big fan of Stephanie Meyers'

The new trailer came out a few days ago. I was thrilled to see that the film seems to keep with the spirit of the book fairly well. I was a little disappointed not to see Jacob in there, but I can understand if they had to wash over his small part in the first book because of time constraints. I can understand, but I'll still be pouty. ;)
The biggest thing that perturbed me, and it's wierd, is the fact that James isn't desheveled enough. Am I the only one that pictured him a lot more...ermmm...dirty? He's supposed to have been running across the US with no lodgings, or change of clothes, or shower. But he seems. . .pretty in the trailer. Mean, but pretty.

Twilight in HD

Monday, October 6, 2008

It Was the Aliens!

I kid. My computer said bye-bye a few months ago and a found myself sans Internet connection. It was a strange sort of torture. I suspect a government conspiracy. I'm back and up to my old tricks and sinister ways. Writing, blogging, gaming, and looking for that weird entertainment news I love so much. My new poll is all about finding said news. Help a gal out, if you get the chance.