Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Good Month to Anime

April 2009 marks the release of FOX's live action Dragonball project. The new trailer looks great to me, but fans of the anime hit are reportedly a little less than impressed. According to articles on and, FOX apparently got all the action wrong. While I am a long time fan of Chow Yun Fat and James Marsters, and have high hopes for Emily Rossum in leather and purple hair, I have to worry about the fate of a film that can't even draw it's own fan base.

Personally, I love the look of Justin Chatwin as Goku. We all know looks aren't everything; but if the movie flops, can't I at least keep the pics on my desktop?

P.S. One question for the film makers: Why do we have to put the word "Evolution" as a subtitle for every action flick out there? I mean, really! Is this like the early ninties obsession with "Extreme?" Oy!