Friday, July 18, 2008

The Rave About Soundwave

I talk about the Decepticon Soundwave's reported appearance in the second Transformers movie on No Hiatus tomorrow. In the article I make some not-so-kind comments about the robot's geeky eighties persona. The monotone voice. The tape cassette altermode. The red, white and blue color scheme. How could I resist? I can't help but wonder What's the Rave About Soundwave?

Soundwave was the intelligence guy on the original cartoons. He ran around seeking information for Megatron to then go and destroy. I suppose that's the ideal job for such a robot. In some comics and toons he was Megatron's right hand bot (instead of StarScream as it was in the movie) and could be even darker than his boss.

Under those descriptions, I think we have a pretty juicy character. I can see why Roberto Orci and crew would want him on board for Revenge of the Fallen. But just in case they haven't already thought of it (don't worry, they have) here are three ways to make Soundwave not a mountain of cheese:

1. Get rid of the monotone. Sorry, but I can't even take those monotone answering machine vocals seriously. Please, give Soundwave a voice!

2. Bring his design into the twenty-first century. That shouldn't be a problem. The production design team for the first movie already did that with Prime, Megatron, and the rest. I can only hope they abandon the "All-American Decepticon" color scheme.

3. Alternate altermodes. Let's face it - half the technology that Soundwave transformed into in the 80's is now totally obsolete. Do they even make those microcassete recorders anymore? Maybe it will be a digital camera or a Black berry. Hmm, I smell product placement.

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