Friday, July 18, 2008

Unequaled Brain Power

Equilibrium fans welcome use your brain!

I originally looked up the Equlibrium fansite in order to research a story. What I found was an intimate group of e-friends who's IQs easily out-matched mine. Smart fans from around the world had somehow instinctively converged on this one spot, celebrating Kurt Wimmer's slightly-less-than-popular, post-apocalyptic flick.

At first, it was like finding lost relatives. It was amazing to be apart of a group who appreciated good science fiction as much as I did. But then I read more of the forum posts. The majority of the discussions involved the psychology, history, and philosophy of the human race (the cream of Wimmer's themes). There was actually a thread entitled "History and Philosophy." Even the younger users seemed to have the utmost of insight when it came to the human machine and it's portrayal in Equilibrium. My immediate thought: "I'm waaaayyy out of my league."

Can it be true? A fandom that includes no "What's your fav paring!!!!!" thread? No "OMG THE LEADING MAN IS SOOOO HOOOOTTTT!" I'm in shock. I have nothing to loathe on this site. No teenie bopper antics to turn my nose to nor shake my head at! How will I ever survive?

I stayed on and read a bit - participated in a few writing threads - and found a modern day classroom. If you're ever there, may I suggest the writings of user Aedh. He is, after all, the "Resident Evil Genius."

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