Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Poor, Naked Fingers

That's right. The gloves are off. I'm coming at my writing with the grizzly, Winston Churchill version of criticism. You haven't seen this much self-loathing since (well, pick and episode of Dawson's Creek where Jen did something stupid.)

No, it's nothing new. I've always been my worst critic, which I consider a perfectly healthy attitude, within reason. Unfortunately, I'm looking for Wilde and Poe and only Honesty is necessary, no? When does a role model become an obstacle to fresh creation, and when does that consideration become arrogance? There's a heady ball of wax. An interesting woman once said, "I paint for me. If others don't appreciate it, that's their business, as long as they keep it to themselves." We're related. ;)

Ways to "Winston Churchill" Your Writing:
1. Give it the Grammar Nazi treatment. Run it through every grammar checking software you can find. Have a friend proofread all of your work. Heck, call up your high school English teacher and have them give it a once over. And when they're done, call your college professor. Don't stop until you've beaten every ounce of bad grammar from those naughty written works! (Sorry, I get excited.) Perfection is highly noticeable.

2. Let a pro look at it. I have the blessing of knowing a few professionals who are willing to lend me an eye to improving my work. If you don't have that outlet, try writers' conventions. There's usually a group of professional writers on hand for the specific purpose of helping amateurs improve their craft.

3. Question everything. Go through all of your writing over and over again. Use every thing you know and hunt for the things you don't, then apply that knowledge to every line of prose and poetry. You'll probably find yourself making improvements (however minor) every time. Remember, perfection is highly noticeable.

Do your creations please you? Do they please others? And does that matter? Tell Marphlets all about it.

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